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RARDIN, Jennifer

Verenigde Staten (Evansville, Indiana), 28 Apr. 1965 - 20 Sept. 2010




Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Jaz Parks 1) / Jennifer Rardin Another One Bites the Dust (Jaz Parks 2) / Jennifer Rardin Biting the Bullet (Jaz Parks 3) / Jennifer Rardin Biiten to Death

2007, New York: Orbit, 300p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-02046-6, 1st edition October 2007
2007, London: Orbit, 290p., 18cm, ISBN 978-1-84149-647-5
I'm Jaz Parks. My boss is Vayl, born in Romania in 1744. Died there, too, at the hand of his vampire wife, Liliana. But that's ancient history. For the moment Vayl works for the CIA doing what he does best - assissinating people. And I help. You could say I'm an assistant assassin. But then I'd have to kick your ass. Vayl and I have to take out a Miami plastic surgeon with ties to terrorism. But the assignment gets complicated when it turns out he's in cahoots with a supernatural nasty powerful enough to bring America to her knees.

2007, New York: Orbit, 318p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-02057-5, 1st edition December 2007
2007, London: Orbit, 318p., 18cm, ISBN 978-1-84149-639-9
I'm Jaz Parks, CIA assassin. Black belt. Belly dancer at the Corpus Christi Winter Festival. The last is cover for my latest mission: retrieve a vital piece of biotechnology by killing the maniac who stole it. He's Chien-Lung, an obsessive vamp who's invulnarable while wearing his armor - which is constantly. Then there are the reavers, ancient fiends who murder innocents and eat their souls. Only I can sense them. So it's not long before they'll want me dead, dead, dead.

2008, New York: Orbit, 314p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-02058-9, 1st edition February 2008
2008, London: Orbit, 314p., 18cm, ISBN 978-1-84149-640-5
I'm Lucille Robinson (aka Jaz Parks). This is a mission unlike anything my vampire boss Vayl, and I have ever been on. It's not our usual take-them-out-and-run; it's an undercover mission that needs the whole gang: a psychic, an interpreter, and a weapons specialist. We've never gone in with heacy artillery before, but the more the merrier, right? Um... nope. At least not since Vayl and I learned part of our job is to ferret out a mole concealed in our own unit. To add to our problems, we're being harried by a pack of reavers bent on revenge, and targeted by a Seer who want to share Vayl's power - at any cost. This is going to be a blast.

2008, London: Orbit, 301p., 18cm, ISBN 978-1-84149-708-2
Warped as we are, we kinda love it when our odds dip. Because that's when the real fun begins. My latest mission has taken me to the ancient Greek city of Patrasl but instead of soaking up its splendor, I'm here to infiltrate a vampire Trust. Only two vampires have ever escaped one of these tightly bound communities and lives to tell the tale. Edward 'The Raptor' Samos, the most reviled criminal mastermind in recent memory, and Vayl, the CIA's number one assassin who als happens to be my boss.

One More Bite Bite Marks Bitten in Two The Deadliest Bite

2009, London: Orbit, 312p., 18cm, ISBN 978-1-84149-709-9
I've already smoked the guy who was the pain in the CIA's you-know-what for the past few years. But now a struggle for supremecy had begun. My mission sends me of to the Scottish Highlands for some twisted fun among murderers, demons and harf-crazed relatives.

2009, New York: Orbit, 326p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-04382-3
Jaz Parks here. But I'm not alone. I'm hearing voices in my head - and they're not mine.

2010, New York: Orbit, 326p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-04378-6, 1st edition November 2010
Jaz Parks here. I. Am. Pissed.

2011, New York: Orbit, 325p., 21cm, ISBN 978-0-316-04381-6, 1st edition June 2011
Jaz Parks on her final mission...
I have two choices. Carve Burde's name into Hell's bile-encrusted gates. Or lose my soul.


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